Ways to Stay Cool If Your AC Stops Working

Thermostat - Neighbors ComfortWhen summer soars at its pinnacle and the only thing you can think about all day is retreating to your air conditioned-home, the last thing you ever want to discover is that your Ames air conditioning isn’t working properly!

Unfortunately, it seems that it is during these hot summer months that many people do discover exactly that. Although it may be the worst possible time for you’re A/C to crash, there’s no need to panic if you heed some advice about staying cool during the hottest of days even when you find yourself without air conditioning!

  • A Little Circulation Goes a Long Way: Fans of all kinds, when used properly, can help in even the hottest conditions. Even though fans do nothing to lower the temperature of your home, they do circulate the air, enabling the breeze effect – having circulating air running across your skin greatly helps to cool you off. Ceiling fans should be moving in a counter-clockwise position during hot weather; little table fans should be used to blow that air right to you. Setting up a box fan in windows is a great idea, but make sure you have the fan pointing to the outdoors. This will enable it to pull hot air out of your home.
  • Avoid Adding Humidity and Heat Unintentionally: Much of what makes us so uncomfortable during the summer isn’t just heat; it’s heat coupled with high humidity. Avoid taking hot showers or baths during the day, and don’t wash dishes or run the dishwasher until the evening when it’s cooler. Avoid running your washing machine and dryer or using your stove or oven, too; you’d be surprised at how much heat and humidity these appliances can add very quickly to your home.
  • Close Off the Sunlight: Although a bright, sunny day makes for great weather, it also can heat up your home without much effort – even with windows closed. Purchase thick, heavy, and dark curtains to put up to block that hot sunlight from entering your home. If you can’t stand to be in a dark home all day, covering just the south windows in your home will also help stave off heat a great deal. You might also consider having solar film installed on your windows.
  • Be Open to New Ideas and Expert Advice: Our professionals at Neighbors do more than just heating and cooling in Ames, IA! We can help improve air flow through your home so warmer areas in your home cool down and reduce humidity in your home to keep it cooler.


With temperatures rising to their peaks during the summer months, being prepared for power outages or air conditioning break-downs doesn’t have to mean immediate suffering if you plan ahead and take steps to keep your home cooler. Contact Neighbors today to perform a preventive maintenance check on your air conditioner and for advice on staying cool this summer in any situation.