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Our valued customers throughout the Central Iowa area know that Neighbors is the right company to meet any heating, cooling or plumbing need, whether residential or commercial. Neighbors is also your first choice for expert, quality geothermal comfort systems and radon testing and mitigation. For over 25 years, Neighbors has provided the highest quality of products coupled with professionally trained expert service technicians to deliver the greatest value at the best cost.

Neighbors offers more than top-notch, excellent service delivered with honesty and integrity; we also ensure peace of mind that any work performed is done right and in accordance with all local and state licensure guidelines. You can have complete confidence that we will always put the safety of our customers first. Neighbors Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Geothermal & Radon also appreciates that we are part of our community, which is why we offer such energy-saving, environmentally friendly products like geothermal comfort systems as well as free testing and mitigation proposals for dangerous radon gas. We are Neighbors You Can Count On.

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