The Importance of A/C and Heat Pump Check-Ups

Heat Pumps - Neighbors ComfortThere’s a lot to be said in favor of maintaining annual check-ups for your Ames heating and cooling system, whether you use a central system, heat pump, or any other type. The regular maintenance of your indoor climate system will designate everything from the temperature inside to the humidity to the air quality – even the safety and health of your family within your home. Following are three of the biggest reasons why check-ups for your heating and cooling in Ames, IA is so important:

  1. Indoor Air Quality – When system maintenance goes to the wayside, the air quality in your home will suffer, and it’s more than just typical household dust that will increase in the air. Allergens, pet dander, dirt, and even mold and other potentially dangerous particulates will travel more freely through the indoor air. Although changing your air filter every month does help keep these offenders out of the air, it is no replacement for professional maintenance check-ups from our Ames air conditioning and heating experts.
  2. Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Operating Cost – Energy costs these days are high, and as time goes by, they only increase. However, by maintaining your system annually, you’ll save hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the life of your unit. A properly maintained system will always operate as efficiently as possible, which means it will cost less to run in order to heat and cool your home. In addition, the likelihood of your unit suffering a major (and expensive) breakdown drops dramatically when you have it serviced each year by one of our professionals. Finally, you’ll be able to use your system for as many years as possible before it will need to be replaced, allowing you to keep the money in your pocket longer before having to purchase a new system.
  3. Avoiding Voided Warranties – One of the best ways we enjoy peace of mind when we purchase a new system is to have our new unit covered by a warranty. If anything goes wrong with your furnace, heat pump, or A/C during the allotted warranty time, the issue will be resolved at no cost to you. Unfortunately, some homeowners are not aware that in order to maintain the validity of their warranties, it is required that they call a professional to perform preventive maintenance check-ups on an annual basis. Failure to maintain these annual check-ups will void your warranty, and if something does break within your system, you could be responsible for covering the costs. These costs would most likely be much higher than the cost of an annual tune-up.

Neighbors Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Geothermal & Radon is here to help you save money, improve your air quality, and keep your warranty intact with annual maintenance check-ups. We always provide complete 100% guaranteed service for our customers. Contact us today to schedule your appointment by filling out our brief contact form!