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Someone once said, “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” The same is true of our home comfort systems: if we take care of them with regular preventative maintenance, we will be rewarded with quality, pleasant indoor environment for years. This means keeping us cozy and warm during the colder months of winter and cool and comfortable during the hot, sticky Iowa summers. Having Neighbors Heating, Cooling, Water Heater, & Geothermal provide annual maintenance on your home or business comfort systems will not only keep you much more comfortable, it may also keep more money in your wallet. It’s been proven that proper equipment maintenance by trained professionals allows systems to run at peak efficiency at optimum cost, which could save hundreds on utility bills. You’ll also minimize the occurrence of costly repairs due to improperly functioning equipment.

The highly trained, professional service technicians at Neighbors have the skills and tools necessary to keep your systems operating as efficiently and safely as possible and will look for any possible threats of expensive and inconvenient breakdowns in the future. Our technicians are never looking to oversell you unnecessary fixes that you don’t need. Our goal is and always has been to be Neighbors You Can Count On to deliver service with integrity and honesty. We want only to make sure you get what you pay for and to make you a customer that calls us again and again for years to come.

Neighbors realizes that sometimes our customers’ home comfort systems need emergency service or repairs for which they are not financially prepared. To help alleviate the stress in the unexpected situations, we offer financing options through several financing institutions.

For over 25 years, we’ve been providing top quality, professional home comfort systems maintenance, repairs and installations.

Comfort Club Membership

Two Tune-Up’s on your equipment per year:

1. one for your A/C or Heat Pump
2. one for your Furnace

The membership advantages:

1. Priority Scheduling
2. No Over-Time Fees
3. 10% Discount on repairs
4. Increased Efficiency of Units
5. Increased Life Expectancy of Units
6. Verified Records for Warranty Claims

Payment Options

As a Club member you can choose to pay service calls at the time of service or be billed later.
All non club members must pre-pay service calls and must pay for all repairs with the technician at the time of service.

Choose Your Plan


Silver Membership

Priority Service 
$191.40 /year + tax.
Two Seasonal Tune-Ups per year, $69 Service/Diagnostic Fee for Additional Problem Calls. 10% Discount on Repairs, No Extra After Hour Charges, 24 Hour Priority Scheduling, One Year Parts Warranty, Free Basic Filter Replacement & Membership Dues Paid Annually.


Platinum Membership

Prestige Service 
$419.40 / Year + Tax.
Two Seasonal Tune-Ups per year. No Service/Diagnostic Fee for Additional Problem Calls. 10% Discount on Repairs, No Extra After Hour Charges, 8 Hour Priority Scheduling, Two Year Parts Warranty. Membership Dues Paid Annually. Free Humidifier Pad Replacements & Free Hi-Efficient Filter Replacements. “Budget Your Comfort” 20% of Member-ship Dues Accrued Toward Purchase of New Equipment & Accessories.

Comfort Club Application

Elite Service is what the Neighbors Comfort Club membership is all about. With these plans you will proactively prevent breakdowns, decrease utility bills and extend the life of your comfort system, all while receiving priority service and most of all Peace of Mind. Lack of maintenance is the primary reason equipment fails and warranty claims are denied.

Please fill out the application below to become a member of our Comfort Club! We will be in touch with you to complete payment after you submit your application.

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