How Regular Maintenance Keeps Your A/C Unit at Peak Efficiency

It’s more critical than most people realize to keep their A/C units in-line with a regular maintenance schedule. Regular preventive maintenance is important for several reasons, one of which involves efficiency. When an A/C unit is operating at its maximum efficiency, it will cost the owner less money to run, and will not have to run more often than is needed. This, in turn, translates to lower operating costs for the owner and less money he or she must spend on their cooling bills each month.

We Recommend Replacing Your Old A/C Unit – Even if It Still Works

hvacRegularly scheduled maintenance checks by our cooling services in Ames, IA will give your A/C unit additional life. For starters, A/C units that were manufactured and installed many years ago were not made with the advanced technology we have today for efficiency. Therefore, even if an old air conditioning unit is in perfect working order still, it will not be as efficient as a new model is. In addition, every A/C unit, regardless of when it was manufactured, loses its efficiency capability as it gets older. Our Ames A/C repair experts recommend that homeowners replace their A/C units that are a decade old or older with new, energy efficient models to conserve energy and save money.

Safety First with Cooling Services in Ames, IA

Aside from enabling your air conditioning unit to operate with maximum efficiency, regular maintenance is a key aspect of discovering small issues that may otherwise go undetected – before they become big problems. Oftentimes, the larger the problem, the larger the cost is to remedy it, but when a small issue is found during regular maintenance, when the A/C unit is still seemingly operating normally, the costs and the down time are often greatly reduced. Once a large problem presents itself, it can cost more to have your unit repaired, and the time it takes to have a properly functioning A/C unit return to a home can be extended, causing discomfort for residents.

Having to put in a call to our Ames cooling repair experts in the middle of the night or on a weekend is not only frustrating for the homeowner, but is also often more costly than a scheduled repair visit during regular hours would be. What can be worse, too, is being suddenly without heat in your home in the middle of a very cold winter. Especially for homes with small children, elderly residents, occupants who are ill or otherwise sensitive to the heat, being without a working A/C unit for any length of time can present health risks. Using fans or other means as a cooling source can also introduce additional safety risks. It all can often be avoided with regular maintenance for your cooling system.

To save money, improve efficiency and avoid emergency breakdowns, call Neighbors! We can schedule a time to come out and perform a quality inspection on your system, whether you want to begin a new regimen for maintenance or you need to schedule your next regular appointment.