7 Genius Cleaning Hacks for This Spring

spongeWhen winter finally leaves Iowa, spring brings with it the famous “spring cleaning” itch that prompts many people to dive head first into getting their homes ready for the hot summer months. Although many people take part in spring cleaning, it’s rarely a quick or easy task.

We at Neighbors have always recommended calling our AC service in Ames, IA for an annual tune-up for your air conditioner in the spring, and we also have ten additional great tips to help you get your home clean and ready for the summer ahead:

  1. Glass doors and windows can often be neglect during winter as far as cleaning goes, and a buildup of all kinds of things can accumulate on them. Use dryer sheets to wipe those doors and windows clean and remove that build-up to reveal a sparkling clear view of the beautiful outdoors.
  2. If you have a large “collection” of spray bottles and cleaning bottles tossed carelessly in a mess under your sinks, we have a great solution! Buy a couple of tension rods and install them under your sinks, and hang the spray bottles from the rods to free up space and organize clutter.
  3. Our customers who have pets in their homes probably already know that keeping carpets pet hair-free can be a frustrating challenge, even with regular vacuuming. Try using a regular window squeegee and pull it across your carpets to collect that stubborn pet hair into a pile that’s easy to collect and toss in a trash can.
  4. Don’t forget to take a look at the tracks of your doors and windows while you’re cleaning, and see if the winter months have deposited dirt and grime on those. Use vinegar to clean away all that junk that has collected all winter.
  5. Winter clothes take up tons of room – whether they hang in a closet or are stored in a dresser drawer or a box. Use vacuum-seal bags when you store your winter clothes to save an amazing amount of space until you need to pull them out again before the next winter.
  6. If you have small sinks (or full sinks) in your home, it can be a real challenge trying to fill a mop bucket without making a mess. Grab a dust pan and position it across the top of the sink so that the wide end catches the faucet water and the handle end acts as a funnel spout to deliver sink water right to your mop bucket.
  7. If you are planning on cleaning out and organizing dresser drawers, don’t stack clothing vertically, but instead put clothing in rows horizontally. You’ll have a much easier time seeing all of the contents of those drawers, and you’ll also be able to fit more clothing in each drawer this way.

Now that winter is a thing of the past (for now), spring cleaning season is here. It doesn’t have to be a terrible task, however, thanks to some tried and true tips to help! Be sure to schedule a time for our Ames AC repair technicians to come to your home to perform a preventive maintenance check-up on your air conditioning, too! We’ll make sure your AC is ready to go when the hot summer weather arrives. Contact us now to ensure you enjoy a cool, comfortable summer!