At Neighbors Heating and Cooling, we specialize in providing top-notch HVAC systems tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing system or install a brand-new one, we have the expertise and experience to ensure optimal performance and comfort in your space. We aim to deliver efficient, reliable, cost-effective solutions that exceed your expectations.

Our Services

  • Customized System Design: Our team works closely with you to choose an HVAC system that perfectly suits your space, requirements, and budget. To create a customized solution, we consider factors like square footage, insulation, ventilation needs, and energy efficiency goals.
  • High-quality Equipment: We source and install industry-leading HVAC equipment from trusted brands, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and superior performance. From air conditioners and heat pumps to furnaces and ductless systems, we offer a wide range of options to meet your heating and cooling needs.
  • Professional Installation: Our certified technicians handle every aspect of the installation process with precision and expertise. From sizing and placement to ductwork and electrical connections, we ensure a seamless installation that maximizes efficiency and minimizes disruptions.
  • Maintenance Plans and Support: To prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system, we offer customized maintenance plans and ongoing support. Our maintenance services include regular inspections, tune-ups, filter replacements, and troubleshooting to keep your system running smoothly year after year.

Our Craftsmanship Guarantee

As a homeowner, we know you understand that not everything goes perfectly all the time. While we strive to maintain a team of experienced service personnel and a quality product line, sometimes mistakes happen. Regardless of whether it is a manufactured product that fails or one of our technicians makes an error, we want you to know that we will resolve the issue to your satisfaction. That is our promise to all of our customers as part of our 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Installation Process

  • Contact your Comfort Advisor to accept your proposal and indicate which option you are choosing. A deposit of 50% is required or confirmation of financing. Pay online with ACH or credit card at Once your deposit is received, your equipment will be ordered.
  • The Sales Coordinator will call you with an install date. Please note: Geos and Boilers may have longer than normal lead times.
  • Clear snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks. Pull weeds/mow around the outside unit.
  • Clear a path – make sure the installers have enough room to get equipment in/ out of your home safely.
  • Keep pets in a secure location. We don’t want to lose track of any furry friends.
  • The Sales Coordinator will give you a window of arrival for the installers.
  • You don’t need to be home during the installation, but please be available for questions. You will not be without heat/AC for long during the changeover.
  • The noise level will be minimal, some clanking, banging and rattling are to be expected.
  • FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE THE DAY OF INSTALL: Payments not made within 10 days of the installation will incur finance charges. Pay online at
  • A follow-up appointment will be scheduled with your Comfort Advisor to review your install.
  • Rebates are submitted after the final payment is received.
  • Neighbors will: register your equipment, schedule inspectors, and dispose of your old equipment.
  • A technician will be scheduled to do a final tune-up on the new equipment. This may happen on install day or it will be scheduled for a later date.

Meet Your Home Comfort Advisors

Darren Toot – Home Comfort Advisor

Doug Wierson – Home Comfort Advisor

Why Neighbors Heating and Cooling?

  • Highly Skilled Technicians: Our team comprises certified technicians with extensive experience in the HVAC industry, capable of addressing any issue you may encounter.
  • Reliable Service: Our commitment is to deliver the utmost quality service to our customers. We take pride in our work and consistently aim to surpass our customers’ expectations.
  • Honest Pricing: We believe in making quality HVAC services accessible to everyone without straining finances. Our commitment to affordable pricing ensures that our services are within reach for all.

Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC Installation services and how we can help you stay comfortable all year round!