It’s Never Too Early for Furnace Check-Ups!

Furnace Check Up - Neighbors ComfortIf you’ve ever had your furnace break down in the middle of a cold winter, you know there are few things that can cause panic to set in as quickly as the thought of freezing in your own home! What many homeowners don’t realize is that there is an excellent, effective, and affordable way to decrease the chances of having this very thing happen to them – all they have to do is get their furnaces checked by our experts in heating and cooling in Ames, IA this fall. That’s it!

So when is the perfect time to call us to come out for furnace preventive maintenance? Right now – before winter arrives. It’s never too early for furnace check-ups, and if you wait until winter to have it done, it just might be too late. Having to call someone for furnace repair in Ames, IA in the middle of the night, on a weekend, is going to much more expensive than it would be to have a preventative check done now, in the fall.

As if the added expense isn’t enough of an issue, the stress and worry that comes along with a sudden furnace breakdown that requires emergency service can be pretty hefty. Anxiety about the health, safety, and comfort of your family, concern over finances, and even worry about just needing someone come out during after-hours can quickly mount. It’s very much worth it to have our experts come out now to make sure that everything is in good working order and save you the time, money, and grief later.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Furnace

It’s recommended that your HVAC system be checked annually by professionals to keep it in proper working order for as long as possible. Having us come out will also give you the advantage of having experts find, diagnose, and remedy small issues with your furnace before they become larger, more expensive, and more emergent problems. Remember: The more well-cared for your furnace is, the longer it will efficiently and effectively run, saving you money year after year on your heating bills. You’ll also minimize the occurrence of expensive, sudden repairs due to neglected equipment.

What will Neighbors do during our preventative maintenance check-ups? We’ll search out and address any and all threats of breakdowns, and will check connections, filters, controls, and more. We’ll inspect coils, check for gas leaks, check burner assemblies and ignition systems as applicable, and we’ll check many other components as well, cleaning and lubricating, tightening and securing things as we go.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact Neighbor’s to come and perform preventative maintenance on your furnace. The best time for a check-up is right now, before the cold winter arrives – it’s your best bet for saving yourself the stress of having to call someone for emergency furnace replacement in Ames, IA.

Contact Neighbors and schedule your appointment today!