Federal Tax Credits for Ames Heating and Cooling

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Cash In on Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling in Ames, IA

At Neighbors Comfort, we meet hundreds of homeowners that simply aren’t aware of the ways that they can save money with energy efficient home upgrades. In addition to lowering your heating and cooling costs, switching to a new HVAC system or making a few minor repairs around your home can also lead to big savings from the federal government and from your local utility company. If you’re worried about paying for a new furnace or air conditioning system, you can take advantage of numerous rebates and tax incentives that are designed to make home energy upgrades more affordable. Learn how a new energy efficient Ames heating and cooling system can save you hundreds of dollars in more ways than one.

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Here’s a secret: the federal government wants you to invest in energy efficient products and services so that you can save money every month on your utility bills. Sounds pretty great, right? The government started offering tax credits to consumers to give homeowners like you incentive to switch to a more sustainable, and more comfortable way of life.

If your home is badly in need of a new Ames heating and cooling system, the federal government will gladly help you foot the bill. But many of these tax rebates will expire at the end of the year. Head over to the Energy Star website for more information about the types of products that qualify for federal tax credits.

Many of the products on that list will help you cut down on your energy costs by up to 30%. Additionally, the federal government will reimburse you for 10% of the total cost and up to $500. Tax rebates are only available on the home that’s considered your primary place of residence.

Utility Rebates for Energy Efficiency

It’s not just the federal government that wants you to switch to a more energy efficient Ames heating system. A number of the city’s leading utility companies including Alliant Energy, Midland Power, and MidAmerican Energy offer a number of consumer rebates that will help you save even more on an energy efficient upgrade.

As a customer of one of the major utility companies in the Central Iowa area, all you have to do is apply for a utility rebate online with a copy of your sales receipt that documents the changes made to your home. Some rebate applications may also require an installation report or an efficiency certificate. Contact your local energy company for more information about how to apply for a utility rebate.

Financing Options for Comfort Upgrades

If you’re still worried about paying for the cost of a new HVAC system upfront before those tax and utility rebates kick in, you can choose to pay for your new system using one of our financing options. You can pay off your new investment with a series of manageable monthly payments. The best part is that, in many cases, our customers receive their utility and tax rebates before the full amount of their bill is due.

Financing an energy efficient upgrade for your home has never been easier. Contact the team at Neighbors Comfort to learn more about our many energy efficient products and services.