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Home and business owners and contractors agree, the proper installation and setup of any new heating or cooling system is essential to achieving maximum efficiency at the most optimal cost. Field studies conducted by Energy Star indicate that approximately 75% of installed heat pumps have the incorrect amount of refrigerant, which can lower overall system efficiency by 5% – 20%. In the long run, having the improper amount of refrigerant can cause premature equipment failure, which will cost you money! In accordance with these findings, Neighbors Heating, Cooling, Water Heater, Geothermal & Radon adhere to the suggested guidelines of the Energy Star QI (Quality Installation) Program. When comfort systems are installed by following these guidelines, your home energy costs may be reduced by up to 30%. That’s money in your pocket!

Neighbor’s Quality Installation Program ensures your comfort system:

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Neighbors realizes that sometimes our customers’ home comfort systems need emergency service or repairs for which they are not financially prepared. To help alleviate the stress in the unexpected situations, we offer financing options through several financing institutions.

For over a quarter of a century, Neighbors Heating, Cooling, Water Heater, Geothermal & Radon has been providing both home and business owners of the Ames and Ankeny areas of Central Iowa with high quality installations of residential and commercial comfort systems. Because Neighbors wants to make you a customer for life, you can be confident that we take our responsibility to provide quality service seriously.

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