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Sump Pumps and Flooding – Important Information to Know

Sump Pump - Neighbors ComfortIt’s not enough to just have sump pumps installed in your basement; it’s not a good idea to just forget about them and assume that season after season, year after year, they’ll keep working. It’s crucial that you check your sump pumps early each spring every year to protect your equipment – and your basement – from flooding.

Your home relies on your sump pumps to stave off flooding all year round, not just during times of heavy rains. Your sump pump also removes condensation that accumulates and has been created by areaway drains and your air conditioning system. It works to prevent moisture from collecting in the floor of your basement and around the foundation of your home.

How to Test Your Sump Pump

Flooding has become a huge problem in our area, as Ames, Iowa plumbers can attest to. You can check your sump pump for proper operation by dumping water down the sump pit, also known as a sump crock, in your basement. When the water level down there rises above a certain point, your sump pump is designed to kick on and pump excess water away from your home. If you dump a large bucket of water down and it does not trigger and turn on, you’ll need to give us a call! You can also test the sump by unplugging it, then plugging it back in; you should at that point hear the pump running.

As leading certified Ames, Iowa plumbers we can come into your home and do a thorough check and clean to find the reason that your sump pump isn’t working. You don’t want to wait until tragedy strikes before you call us, however; the best time to contact Neighbors about your sump pump is before your basement or crawl space floods! Homeowners who fail to test their sump pumps suffer from paying for an enormous amount of money in home damage every year – damage that could have been prevented and dollars that could have remained in their pockets with proper sump pump testing.

Call on Us for Plumbing in Ames, IA

In the event of heavy rains, a lot of melting snow, or a flood, you’ll have plenty of other matters to focus on, and you don’t want your sump pump to be one of them. During a natural disaster you certainly don’t want to have to worry about whether or not your sump will hold up or fail! If you check your system annually, and give Neighbors Plumbing in Ames, IA a call if you suspect it may not be working right, you’ll never have to worry about flooding due to neglect of your sump pump.

Article Name
Sump Pumps and Flooding – Important Information to Know
Your home relies on your sump pumps to stave off flooding all year round. If you don't maintain it, it could fail when you need it. Get yours checked today!


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